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Yes, Elizabeth, MaryAnn and Team Goddess!

I want a simpler, more efficient way to scale and get my recurring revenue growing to $50k-$100k months– WITHOUT going it alone!

I’m psyched to create a simple, efficient path to consistent high “money months” by joining forces with you, the 7-Figure Goddess® team and the members of the Highest Level Leader Collective.

Together we’re going to create and/or optimize…

My Highest Level Income Model: my 7-Figure Offer™ (for awesome cash flow while enrolling my $15-$50k+ programs for me) and my Recurring Income Offer (a premium 6-to-15 month program to create $20k-$50k-$100k months, banked in advance).  These are the two “Money Channels” that create consistent high money months and get me off the hustle train.

My Highest Level Marketing Assets: email and social posts that gets Next Level Clients raising their hands and enrolls them FOR me (to release dependence on webinars, big launches, and sales calls)

My Phoneless Sales System, to enroll over Messenger in 10 minutes or less without sales calls or commissions

My Lead Generation Offer that fills my pipeline with Next Level Clients who are a joy to work with and invest with me over multiple years

Rinse and Repeat “UnCampaigns” (“UnLaunches”) to fill my programs, over and over again


Next Level Client leads, from cross-promos + collaborations in the group

With all of the above, my marketing and sales will become highly EFFICIENT, freeing up my time from marketing busywork, while producing immediate ROI and repeat clients that fuel my purpose and my bank account for years!

I confirm that I’m set up for success…

I’m already at $80k-$100k or above in my business (I want to grow my current offers or pivot into new, highly aligned offers)

I’ve offered high ticket programs before (fees of $3k-$20k+)

I know the basics of online marketing and already get clients from my marketing online

I have a community with at least 2000 peeps (between email and social) that I share my services with them regularly

To create the results outlined above, I’ll receive the following benefits…

The Leadership Scaling Method™

Highest Level Income Model + Marketing + Frequency

To Scale without Webinars, Launches or Sales Calls

Elizabeth’s 7-Figure Offer™ Method (Value: $5000)

Elizabeth’s Recurring Income Offer Method (Value: $5,000)

Elizabeth’s Lead Generation Offer Method (Value: $5000)

Highest Level Marketing Assets: Email + Post Formulas to pre-enroll clients over email and social ($2000 value)

Phoneless Sales System – everything needed to give up sales calls forever (PRICELESS)

The $100k UnLaunch – to fill my Recurring Income Offers without webinars, launches or getting on the phone

The 10-Day UnCampaign – the simple strategy to fill my programs with emails and posts alone, consistently ($3000)

More UnCampaigns + lead generation tools to fill my programs without launching (The Second Helping, Referral Magic, The 5-Day Rinse + Repeat, 90-Day Grow Your Audience Game Plan, etc) ($5000 value)

“$10m Swipefile” Access – including operations + hiring templates (contracts, etc) (PRICELESS)

Elizabeth’s Best Programs + Methods for Your Highst Level Frequency + Manifesting Your Money Goals, including the 7-Figure Frequency Formula (aka The Standards Course) and manifesting teachings not available to the public

Results Coaching and Accountability

Weekly Results Coaching Calls with Elizabeth and the Team ($10,000 value) to recalibrate to your Highest Level, coach + troubleshoot + brainstorm and stay in momentum. (3x per month; Elizabeth leads the 1st call per month.)

Deep Dive Marketing Magic call with Elizabeth every month ($10,000 value) for dedicated time on Highest Level Marketing

Monthly Mindset Calls with MaryAnn McNulty, to quickly move through mindset blocks so you can take action (Value: $5000)

Private Kickoff Call with MaryAnn (Value: $3000), to map YOUR unique path in the program and a plan for $20k-$100k in 60 days.  PLUS: Quarterly check-ins to stay on track.

Private 7-Figure Offer™ coaching session with the Team – Jessica Daniels and/or MaryAnn (to get your “offer in an hour” so you’re ready to test) ($1000 value)

Daily personalized, 1-1 feedback from Elizabeth and Team, in our Private Facebook Group (PRICELESS!)

48 hour turnaround on personalized feedback on assets, offers and copy to keep you moving on your unCampaigns (PRICELESS!!)

Community, Connection and Collaboration

(VALUE: Priceless)

Cross Promotion and Collaboration Opportunities (PRICELESS – our goal is for you to cover your investment in referrals)

Quarterly “Collab + Connection” Virtual ½-Day Retreats throughout the year – go deeper with your colleagues and line up collaboration partners (VALUE: $4000)

“Collab + Cross-Promo” Facebook Group where you can promote your latest offering, and get promo partners at any time (PRICELESS)

PLUS: 7-Figure Goddess® LIVE EVENT-ONLY Bonuses

3+ BONUS Months in the program, which means I’ll hit the ground running, cash flow my new offers immediately and get all the benefits, cross promo opportunities, and personalized help with my offers + campaigns from October 1st – December 31st, 2024.  (We’ll even add you to the group + calls immediately, so you get the rest of September, too!) (VALUE: $6000+)

How To Roll Out New Offers with NO Loss of INCOME (Value: $1000 plus income saved!)

How (And When) to “Evergreen” Your 7-Figure Offer (Value: $1000)

End of Year Paydays GAMEPLAN: Add $50k-$100k to your Q4 Sales – includes the “latest + greatest” training, LIVE, on your Recurring Income Offer, the 10-Day UnCampaign, special transmissions + game plan + coaching opportunities (Value: $3000+)

Program Value: $89,000+

All It Takes To Claim Your Space in the Highest Level Leader Collective is a non-refundable deposit of $1600!

Three Ways To Save

* Joining during the event locks in your Event Only Savings and bonus content *

Payment Plan

$1,600.00 deposit now

Then 14 easy monthly payments of $1,600.00.


$1,600.00 deposit now

Then pay the remaining balance of $20,400 in 14 days.

Pay in Full

$22,000.00 due today

Save $2,000 with Pay in Full Option!


Your enrollment is non-transferrable, non-refundable and adheres to a no-quit policy.

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